On The Famous Side of History

There comes a moment in time, in the history of nations and people of the earth, when you decide, on whose side you want to be.

On the famous side of history or infamous side of history. There is no sitting on the fence here, its simply matter of a single choice.

In our dear nation Nigeria, we just voted out an incumbent, the first time in the history of this nation, and voted in someone loved and wanted by the people. People have played various roles on this glorious journey. The infamous roles spearheaded by the likes of Femi Fani kayode, Ayodele Fayose, Doyin Okupe, Orubebe, Patience Jonathan to mention a few and those who played the famous roles, quite numerous to mention which includes everyone that voted in favour of a change and I need to mention this gentleman …Read Here


The Secret of Genius

Do you want your children to be exceptional? Teach them this! There is a genius in every one of us! We all have greatness locked up inside. Few of however ever peel the layers to the point of revealing that great deposit inside us. You may be able to get a key into your genius or your children’s genius this morning.

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Yes!!! It’s the year 2015 AD!!! Am I not grateful for seeing 2014 to the end and the start of 2015? I am indeed very grateful and thankful to God.

2014 is a year that is full of abundant testimonies for me. And mark me, it ain’t the regular conventional testimonies of the motley type.

Am grateful for increase knowledge of God, his will and purpose on earth and what he expects of me. I have come to realize that, God is not “interested” in what we want to do or what we think he wants us to do or the purpose we want to achieve as long as he is not the objective and the sole purpose of it.(Click here to continue reading)


Long Walk Ahead


“May your road be rough!” Those were the words of a man i respect so highly, in person of the foremost educationalist, the late Dr. Tai Solarin. Back then in Mayflower School, we use to think the man was nuts for cursing us in such manner. But years have passed, we have grown wiser and come to see the wisdom and deep insight in those words of his and seen the practical reality in our lives…in my life……. Read more at www.samaderibigbe.com

In the Eye of the Storm…..


Most times in life, we are battered by storms…some minor some major and with varying consequences.

The degree to which we hold on most matters and the extent to which we understand the storms can help us weather through it even though it can be an harrowing experience.

In the real sense of a storm, it can really be terrifying when winds in excess of 200mph is racing through your neighborhood, tearing it apart and you are scared frozen not knowing what to expect. Well, for those of us in Africa and West Africa, we may not really be able to appreciate the extent of this storm in real life since we are off the grid-lines that produces it hence much more sheltered. But for folks in US and Europe, its not a tale you want to feature in……..(click here to read more)

Just 70…..

For just 70 people, I was born.

For just 70 people, I was beloved of my Father.

For just 70 people, I told on my Brothers every move to my Father.

For just 70 people, I earned the wrath of my Brothers and Family.

For just 70 People, my own blood sold me as a slave.

For just 70 people, I was accused of attempted rape.

For just 70 people, I was imprisoned.

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